Is it possible to test the device?

- We offer 60 days open purchase. If you are unsatisfied, you can return the device within 60 days of purchase. We also provide purchases through Klarna with 30-day deferred payments, giving the customers time to test the machine before payments. We have an office in Oslo, so it is also possible to come into the office and try the device. Then contact to set up a demo.

How much weight can you lift with the Norse Performance?

- The Norse Performance Dual is capable of delivering 60kg of resistance in each motor, giving a total of 120kg resistance. The Crossover is capable of 60kg resistance and the Lite 30kg of resistance. 

How much does it weigh?

- The Norse Performance Dual has a weight of 36kg. The Crossover weigh 68kg without floorstand, and the Lite weight is 21kg. 

How is it possible to get higher resistance than the weight of the machine? Won’t it lift it self?

- The Norse Performance Dual and Lite is build for the user to stand on top of the machine while lifting weight. This means that what ever weight you are pulling up, is equal to the weight pulling you down also. Meaning if you are lifting heavier weight than your bodyweight, the machine stays in plays. If you were to to an exercise that requires you to not stand on the machine, the weight has to be lower than the weight of the machine. 

What is the weight restriction for the Dual and Lite?

- Both the the Norse Performance Dual and Lite is build to handle a user-weight of 150kg.

 Does the plattforms need to be plugged in to an electrical outlet?

- Yes. All our products uses electric motors as resistance. This means the machine has to be plugged in and turned on for the machine to work.

Can the Norse Performance Dual and Lite be stored on the side?

- Yes. The Dual is made to be folded to take up less space. The Lite version can be stored on the side, however it is manufactured to be low enough to fit under your bed or sofa so this is what we recommend. 

Does it need installation?

- The Norse Performance Dual and Lite does not need installation, and will work right out the box. The Crossover however will need to be installed either on a wall or using the floorstand. Note that if you want to install the Crossover directly on the wall, you have to make sure it is installed on the support beam in the wall. 

How does it work?

- After plugging it in to the electrical outlet and turning it on, all you have to to is to select the desired resistance and press "Start" to apply the resistance. When you want to adjust the weight you have to first press "Stop" and then adjust. All Norse Performance products comes with several Modes for resistance. 

  • Standard Mode
  • Eccentric Mode
  • Isokinetic Mode

The Standard Mode works just like regular weights. The resistance you choose is the resistance you get in both the concentric and the eccentric phase. 

The Eccentric Mode works by increasing the weight in the eccentric phase. Humans are stronger in the eccentric phase (letting the weight down) of a lift than in the concentric phase (pulling the weight up). Meaning we can increase the efficiency of your workouts by giving the optimal resistance in both phases of the lift. 

The Isokinetic Mode is a speed based resistance mode. The faster you lift the heavier the resistance. The slower you lift the easier it gets. 

What is the warranty on Norse Performance products?

- We have a 1 year warranty on the products, except for the motors which has a 5 year warranty.